Plasma Science and Technology杂志

Plasma Science and Technology杂志

《Plasma Science and Technology》杂志创办于1999,是中国科学院;中国科协主管的国家重点学术期刊,CSCD核心期刊,影响因子0.303,现被CA 化学文摘(美)等权威机构收录,主要征稿方向:专题论述、理论研究、装置建设、工艺装备、实验结果、技术应用、...
  • 主管单位:中国科学院;中国科协
  • 主办单位:中国科学院合肥物质科学研究所;中国力学学会
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  • 创刊时间:1999
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Plasma Science and Technology期刊级别: CSCD核心期刊 SCI核心期刊
Plasma Science and Technology期刊分类: 期刊 > 自然科学与工程技术 > 基础科学 > 基础科学综合

Plasma Science and Technology杂志简介

《等离子体科学和技术(英文版)》(月刊)(Plasma Science & Technology )创刊于1999年,是由中国科学院等离子体物理研究所主办的英文版学术期刊。

《Title should be simple,concise and informative》办刊宗旨:主要报导国内外科学家就等离子体各个领域在基础研究、实验探索、装置建设和应用开发中所取得的具有新意的学术成果或阶段性成果,并刊登反映这些学科在国内外发展新方向、新动态的综述,以及与等离子体有关的交叉学科和应用方面的最新成就等。

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Title:Title should be simple,concise and informative.

Authors’names and affiliations:A list of all the authors, as well as their corresponding addresses,should be provided.Each address should be preceded by a numerical superscript corresponding to the same superscript after the name of the author concerned.Addresses should contain all information necessary for effective mail delivery.

Abstract:An abstract must accompany each article.It should be a concise summary of the results,conclusions and/or other significant items in the paper.Together with the title,it must be adequate as an index to all the subjects treated in the paper,and will be sued as a base for indexing.Any displayed mathematical expressions are avoided.All the nonstandard symbols and abbreviations should be defined.The footnote indicators cannot be used.A reference,if necessary, should be included in square brackets.The results, the conclusions,and/or other significant items should be summarized in the paper.

Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme (PACS) indexing codes:Each manuscript must be given PACS numbers,developed by the American Institute of Physics.There should be no more than three index number codes;the principal index code should be placed first.

Main body of the paper:Manuscripts must be doubled spaced with margins and indented paragraphs.Each manuscript must be complete with figures,tables,references,subtitles,etc.

Mathematical material:All mathematical equations should be carefully written and checked so that a compositor can follow the copy easily.Greek letters,upper- and lower-case letters,superscripts,subscripts,vectors,tensors and matrices should be identified in the margin.Equation numbers should be Arabic numbers enclosed in parentheses in the right-hand margin.All the quantities in both the equations and/or the formula should be illustrated upon its first appearance in the manuscript.

Italic type should be avoided for the following:Units of measurement (e.g.,km,g,K,cm-2,S-2);Mathematical signs such as sin,cos,log,exp,etc.;Chemical formulas.

References:Citations in the text to references shall be numeric strictly in order of their first appearance.Journal articles citation of a journal article should include the names of all the authors (or,optionally,the first three author followed by“et al.”if there are four or more),the year of publication,the abbreviation of the journal name,the volume number,and the initial page number.

Figure and table captions:Each caption should be written as a single brief paragraph without indentation.Figures and tables should be consecutively numbered with Arabic numerals.

Tables and figures:Each table must be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals,and must have a complete title.Authors are strongly encouraged to submit figures in a high-resolution electronic format.Preferred formats include: TIFF,EPS or PDF.Good quality figures have the following characteristicsThey should have lines,letters,numbers and symbols of uniform strength and contrast.Figures(except photographs)should be reduced to 6*6 cm.The final thickness of a line in a figure usually lies within the range of 0.15~0.20 mm.When preparing the figures,authors should pay attention to the widths of lines and similar details,as some (e.g.dotted or thin lines)may disappear afte Title should be simple, concise and informative.

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